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A data dashboard is any visual display of data used to monitor conditions and/or facilitate understanding. In a car’s dashboard, a small number of key indicators (speed, gasoline level, lights, etc.) need to be understood at a glance — data dashboards need to be designed with the same care.

Data Science Report Series #7: Dashboards and Data Visualization, with Examples, by Maia Pelletier and Patrick Boily.

Power BI files (by Maia Pelletier):
Global Cities Dashboard
2015 NHL Draft Class

GlobalCitiesPBI.csv [Globalization and World Cities Research Network]
DraftData.csv [Hockey Reference]

Post Author: Patrick Boily

Patrick is interested in the applications of mathematics and statistcs to evidence-based decision support. He has worked on 25+ such projects since 2008. He has extensive experience in data science, machine learning, A.I. and predictive analytics, data cleaning and data visualization.