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Following the release of the Scientific Integrity Policy  by the Government of Canada that encourages government departments to collaborate with Academia, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has established a research partnership with the University of Ottawa’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Data Action Lab to collaborate in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Within this partnership, researchers and data scientists from CBSA and uOttawa will conduct research,  development  and evaluation of Artificial Intelligence technologies for border control and other security applications.

Among the new projects  launched is the one that aims at improving Behaviour Screening using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics (AI). The project is rich with research and scientific problems and provides a great opportunity for both organizations to enhance their  knowledge-base in the field and readiness for deploying innovative  solutions based on AI and DA.

More information about the initiative and the project can be found at the research project portal here.

Post Author: Dmitry Gorodnichy