Instructor Logistics
Patrick Boily, Data Action Lab & Idlewyld Analytics
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       Follow @idlewyld_IACS on Twitter (#iqc4376) for DV content

Stephen Davies, Data Action Lab & the DAVHILL Group
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      613 862-9086

Jen Schellinck, Data Action Lab & Sysabee
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       01. Initial Meeting (13-Oct, 10am-noon)
       02. Basics of Programming (27-Oct, 10am-noon)
       03. Data Processing (03-Nov, 10am-noon)
       04. Data Analysis Basics (10-Nov, 10am-noon)
       05. Practical Session I (17-Oct, 10am-noon)
       06. Principles of Data Visualization (24-Nov, 10am-noon)
       07. Power BI and Dashboards I, with S. Davies (01-Dec, 10am-noon)
       08. An Introduction to the Tidyverse (10-Dec, 1pm-3pm)
       09. Power BI and Dashboards II, with S. Davies (15-Dec, 10am-noon)
       10. Introduction to Causal Modeling, with J. Schellinck (17-Dec, 10am-noon)
       11. A ggplot2 Primer (11-Jan, 10am-noon)
       12. Incorporating R in Power BI, with J. Schellinck (20-Jan, 10am-noon)
       13. Practical Session II (25-Jan, 10am-noon)
       14. Practical Session III (01-Feb, 10-noon)
       15. Practical Session IV (08-Feb, 10am-noon)
       16. Practical Session V (15-Feb, 10am-noon)
Course Materials Supplementary Material
02. Introduction to Programming
03. Data Processing
04. Data Analysis Basics
06. Data Visualization
      06.1 Storytelling With Data
      06.2 The Gestalt Principles
      06.3 Decluttering
07. Power BI and Dashboards I (coming soon)
08. Introduction to the Tidyverse (coming soon)
09. Power BI and Dashboards II (coming soon)
10. Introduction to Causal Modeling
11. The Grammar of Graphics and ggplot2
12. Incorporating R in Power BI (coming soon)

Data Fundamentals (Slides)

Measures and Metrics (Slides)

R and R Studio (recommended)
      R Studio download link and support documentation
      R download link and support documentation
      Programming in R (and Python)
      Basics of R for Data Analysis (Report)
      Basics of R (Videos) [part I, part II]
      R Basics (Notebook)

Data Preparation
      The Essentials of Data Preparation (Report)
      Data Wrangling and the Tidyverse (Notebook)
      Data Cleaning and Preparation in R (Notebook)

Data Visualization
       Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design (Report)
       A ggplot2 Primer (Report)
       Learning Map – Data Visualization (Learning Map)
       Simple Data Visualization in R (Notebook)
       Data Visualization with ggplot2 (Notebook)
       More Data Visualization Stuff in R (Notebook)
       Salaries.csv (dataset)
       custdata.tsv file (available from zmPDSwR‘s GitHub repository)

Power BI and Dashboards
       Download link and support documentation
       Dashboards and Data Visualization, with Examples (Report)
       Anomaly Detection and Outlier Analysis (Report)
       Overview of Anomaly Detection and Outlier Analysis
       Power BI + R (Slides)
       Power BI + R Exercise Code

DAL Podcast (12 videos, more to come) +
      Exploring the Algae Blooms Dataset with ggplot2 (bonus)
      Creating a Gapminder-Type Chart with ggplot2 (bonus)

Python and Anaconda
      Anaconda download link and support documentation