The Advanced Training Catalogue for the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter sessions will be available shortly — registration details to come.

We have four categories of offerings: Data Appreciation, Data Engineering and Tools, Data Analysis and Data Science. You may sign up for individual workshops or take part in one of our workshop participation streams.

Data Foundations provide a baseline for people wishing to enter the data world in any capacity (e.g. data practitioner, data champion, data scientist). They are a good starting point for people wishing to become either a data practitioner – someone who works with or analyzes data – or a data champion – someone who uses the results of data analysis or who spearheads data projects.

Data Analysis and Data Engineering give data practitioners opportunities to develop their data skills.

Data Science Training Courses allow people to move into the world of data science more fully. Each course provides multiple sessions that cover key data science topics.

If you would like to attend a workshop or schedule a group workshop, please contact us. Courses and workshops are held in-person and can be provided publicly or privately. We are headquartered in Ottawa but deliver courses Canada-wide.