The Data Action Lab is a collaborative venture started by Idlewyld, DAVHILL Group and Sysabee, three companies who realized they could combine their workshop offerings to provide comprehensive data workshops to Ottawa and beyond.

Stephen Davies is the CEO of DAVHILL Group, a business intelligence and data analytics company. Stephen has been consulting with the various tiers of Canadian public service for 15+ years and within the aviation industry, primarily in the areas of process and systems mapping and modelling, business intelligence, data analytics, enterprise risk management, and organizational performance management.

Stephen delivers workshops on data analysis, data visualization, Microsoft Power BI, data modelling and business intelligence. He also lectures in Entrepreneurship at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business. He is a past Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, the past Executive Director of Excellence Canada, the past Marketing Chairman for the Standards Engineering Society, and a past co-chair of the Ottawa Public Sector Quality Fair, an event shared with the Canadian Public Sector Quality Association

Jennifer Schellinck is passionate about bringing cutting-edge data technology to organizations wanting to develop the best analysis and decisions. She applies the latest machine-learning and systems-modelling techniques to help organizations achieve their greater potential.

Jennifer’s machine learning and simulation expertise comes from her background in Cognitive Science, earning a Ph.D. in 2009. As an Adjunct Professor at Carleton University, she remains active in academia and keeps up-to-date on current research. She has been offering data-based workshops since 2015.

She founded Sysabee in 2012 and is the founding member of the Data Science Experts Group, an association of specialists who customize data-driven solutions for each client.

Patrick Boily is interested in the application of mathematics/statistics to evidence-based decision support. He has worked on 25+ such projects since 2008, first as a public servant, then as a quantitative consultant for Carleton University, and later through his company Idlewyld Analytics and Consulting Services.

Patrick is fully bilingual and has taught over 40 university courses in mathematics, statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and quantitative consulting. He has been leading workshops and training courses on data analysis/machine learning since 2015.

He has extensive experience in data science, machine learning, A.I. and predictive analytics, data cleaning, data visualization, queueing systems, stochastic modelling, and simulations – managing and being involved in numerous projects in these subject areas from inception to completion.