Who We Are

The Data Action Lab is a collaborative venture started by Idlewyld, DAVHILL Group and Sysabee, three companies who realized they could combine their workshop offerings to provide comprehensive data workshops to Ottawa and beyond.


The DAVHILL Group is a Business Intelligence, data analytics, information management company. DAVHILL provides consulting services and software systems for Federal, Provincial, Municipal and large private Corporate service organizations. DAVHILL’s areas of specialty include, but are not limited to implementation of business intelligence software, data management (consolidation cleaning and migration), database and analytics software integration, business intelligence analysis, forecasting and simulations, interactive information visualizations and dashboard development.


Sysabee offers targeted data analysis services to assist companies in developing specific change, growth and response strategies. Sysabee also offers systems modelling services to help organisations understand and enhance the performance of their organization. Sysabee’s goal is to make analysis techniques from machine learning and systems modeling available to organizations who seek to gain the benefits of technology supported analysis and decision making.

Idlewyld Analytics

Idlewyld Analytics and Consulting Services provides quantitative, data science and analytics advice to public and private sectors clients since 2016.