Welcome to the Data Action Lab

The Data Action Lab offers a broad range of data-focused workshops, covering many aspects of the world of data, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and business analytics.

Our goal is to increase people’s understanding and application of data in the workplace and also to support professional development for people who currently are, or who wish to become data professionals.

Our workshops are structured so that individuals who simply want to find out more about a specific topic can start by taking a one-off class. They may then choose to progressively advance their competence through one or more of our comprehensive learning streams – data appreciation, data engineering and tools, data analysis, and data science.

See our current selection of workshops in the Workshop Catalogue.

In 2019 we will be launching a series of regular Data Labs where people can join us to work through problems and showcase innovative solutions.

We also regularly update the Data Action Lab Blog to provide a broad range of educational pieces including tips and tricks, overviews of often mystifying topics and analyses of various methodologies, approaches and tools.

For more information on the above please contact us.