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A Manager’s Guide to Data Engineering

A department’s data analyses are only as good as the data that they access. Essentially, data engineering is the creation of data pipelines that enable the data scientists and analysts to do their work properly. As the workplace becomes more data focused, data engineering is moving from its traditional home in the IT department and directly into business lines. This module will give participants and overview of what data engineers do and how critical data pipelines are.

Participants will learn:

  • the importance of a well designed data pipeline
  • strategies for aggregating and combining data sources
  • Treasury Board Secretariat guidelines and milestones in the storage and communication of Protected B (and high level) information
  • what tools data Engineers need access to
  • approaches to data collection and validation
Category: Data Strategy and Governance
Tags: Data Governance,Data as an Asset,Instructor Led,Data Engineering
Product Code: DC-12
Course Duration (hours): 4