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Data Mapping: Identifying and Managing Organizational Data Sources

In this module, we look at tools to map the data sources that are utilized by a department, or group within a department, at a high level. This is a critical activity that allows us to set up a number of value add activities, including data management, identification of data relationships as part of data lineage analysis (where data comes from, what happens to it and where it moves over time), and discovery of hidden sensitive data and consolidation of multiple data sources.

Aimed at non technical managers, this module will enable participants to:

  • create a high level view of the sources of data that support a group within a department
  • understand the inter relationships between the data sources
  • estimate the level of risk associated with the group data management approach
  • align data requirements to group business requirements
  • visit data analysis approaches that allow a deeper understanding of their data
Category: Data Strategy and Governance
Tags: Data Governance,Instructor Led
Product Code: DC-14
Course Duration (hours): 4