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R for Data Science

This full-day in-person, hands-on workshop provides participants with information on using R for Data Science. It is intended for people who already have a programming background. The workshop is structured as follows:

Morning – Theory:
Review of R as a programming language:
History and comparison with other languages (e.g. Python)
Programming environment options – R Studio, R Markdown
Overview of key packages: Statistical Packages, Machine Learning Packages, TidyVerse (data processing + visualization), Shiny
Programming basics – conceptual overview
Brief Review of Relevant Statistical Concepts:
Descriptive Statistics
Statistical Modelling
Comparison between Statistics and Machine Learning

Afternoon – Hands-On:
Quick hands-on walk through of R command-line and R-Studio (e.g. running scripts, installing packages)
Getting into R program – with Pre-Worked Examples in R-Markdown
Practice Exercises and Lab Time

Category: AI/ML Toolbox
Tag: Machine Learning and AI 101
Product Code: AI-5
Course Duration (hours): 6