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Power BI - Integrating R and Python

In this module we will work with participants to integrate both R and Python script into Power BI. A high-level understanding of either R or Python is required but the course presenter will walk participants through some basic R script and/or Python. If this course is purchased as an in-house module we can concentrate specifically on R or Python or both at the discretion of the client. In this course participants will learn how to:

  • Embed R script to import data in Power BI
  • Embed Python to import data in Power BI
  • Combining imported data into existing Power BI data model
  • Using R script and/or Python to create interactive visuals in Power BI
Category: Microsoft Power BI
Tags: Instructor Led,Power BI,Data Visualization,Data Analysis Basics,Data Engineering
Product Code: PB-5
Course Duration (hours): 4