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Here at the Data Action Lab we spend a lot of time talking about all of the different roles, domains and origins of data work. Because of the many threads that have come together over time to create the modern data world, people in this world often use different words to talk about the same, or similar, concepts, tools and techniques.

Understanding the big picture underlying all of this can really help with developing a shared understanding when working with other data practitioners. To that end I’ve created a diagram that shows, at a glance, the different worlds of data that have come together to create data science, and that currently rely on data to do their work.

I go into a bit more detail about how these disciplines rely on data in my post How Different Domains Use Data – A Quick Gloss.

Post Author: Jen Schellinck

Jen Schellinck is the principal of Sysabee and an adjunct professor at Carleton's Institute of Cognitive Science. She founded Sysabee in 2012 with the goal of taking analysis techniques from machine learning and systems modeling and making these available to organizations who are seeking to gain the benefits of technology supported analysis and decision making. For each project, she draws from a pool of expert consultants to create a team customized to the specific needs of the project. She is also the founding member of the Data Science Experts Group, an association of data professionals that build flexible, customized solutions for data-driven companies and organizations. She remains an active participant in academic research via Carleton’s Cognitive Modeling Lab.

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