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This is for the folks that are attending the Data Lab on Wed 10th April. The link below is the data set that we will be using to create our visualizations.

NOTE that the data came from a Canadian Government Open Data source (Bruce Peninsula Forest Birds Data from Parks Canada) but I added in Latitude and Longitude. As I couldn’t find some of the specific location these values were approximated and are NOT a part of the official release. Feel free to use the data set for whatever you want but please note that those 2 columns are estimates / best guesses (i.e. they might be wrong!)

Post Author: Stephen Davies

Stephen is the CEO of DAVHILL Group, a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics company based in Ottawa, Ontario.

He has more than 25 years of experience working in both public and private sectors. Early in his career in operations management he started to do data analysis and never quite escaped.

With an academic background in Physics and Engineering he has worked in semiconductor and OEM manufacturing as an engineer and supply chain director. As a Business Intelligence and Process Transformation consultant he seems to spend most of his time either playing with aircraft in the aviation industry or with the Federal Canadian Government.

As the CEO of the DAVHILL Group, Stephen's main focus is to make data real and useable for everybody. DAVHILL specializes in Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems implementation and is delighted to provide training courses to the Data Action Lab.