The Practice of Data Visualization

by Patrick Boily, Stephen Davies, and Jen Schellinck

Preface and Contents | Index and Bibliography | Exercises

Part I: A Data Visualization Primer
Chapter 01: Data Visualization Essentials (28 pages)
Chapter 02: Data Visualization and Exploration (18 pages)
Chapter 03: Hall-of-Fame / Hall-of-Shame (12 pages)

Part II: The Foundations of Visual Design
Chapter 04: The Mechanics of Visual Perception (18 pages)
Chapter 05: Visual Design and Data Charts (20 pages)
Chapter 06: Universal Design and Accessibility (8 pages)

Part III: Visualization and Storytelling
Chapter 07: Stories and Storytelling (38 pages)
Chapter 08: Effective Storytelling Visuals (26 pages)

Part IV: Some Practical Aspects of Data Visualization
Chapter 09: Visualization Toolbox (22 pages)
Chapter 10: Visualization Software (12 pages)
Chapter 11: Basic Visualizations in R (24 pages)
Chapter 12: ggplot2 Visualizations in R (74 pages)
Chapter 13: Power BI for Beginners (38 pages)