Our Training Labs are designed to be an ongoing venue for competency, knowledge and skills development. Payment is for a “Concurrent Participant”, this means that an organization can send any employee to a lab according to our lab schedule.

“1 Concurrent Participant” allows an organization to send ONE employee to each of our labs (we run 3 or 4 per month). “3 Concurrent Participant” allows 3 employees and “5 Concurrent Participant” allows for 5 employees.

Any preparation required by a participant is detailed in each individual lab description. If an organization purchases attendance and the slots are not used then they are NOT transferable to the following month.

GOC Training Lab options

1 Concurrent Participant ($100 per month + applicable tax)

3 Concurrent Participants ($250 per month + applicable tax)

5 Concurrent Participants ($400 per month + applicable tax)

If you are a GOC attendee click on the link below to access the attendees page:

GOC Training Portal

“Hands on” data lab options:

“Hands on” Data Lab