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Data Roles: Who to Hire in the information Workplace

In a dynamically changing workplace, it is difficult to understand what new and changing roles are required to build a data focused workplace. in this module, we outline some of the key new roles that may be required and what competencies each role requires. This will aid in the selection, hiring, development, and training of data employees, helping to provide maximum benefit to the organization and growth opportunities for the employees.

We cover several data roles, and take a closer look at competencies, roles and responsibilities for:

  • domain experts
  • data translators
  • data engineers
  • data scientists
  • analysts (data and business)
  • computer scientists
  • computer engineers
  • AI/ML QC specialists
Category: Data Strategy and Governance
Tags: People and Culture,Instructor Led
Product Code: DC-9
Course Duration (hours): 4

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