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Developing a Data Strategy Roadmap

In the recent Privy Council report “A Data Strategy Roadmap for the Federal Public Service”, a roadmap was laid out for GOC Departments to create Data Strategy and Governance frameworks and to implement them through a robust Data Strategy Roadmap.

This module investigates the impact this has on GOC Departments, and, more importantly, on the groups and lines of business within those Departments.

We provide guidance and recommendations derived from widespread best practices on how Senior Executives and Managers can design and implement activities to:

  • create an internal roadmap to implement Departmental Strategy and Data Governance
  • establish a decision making group to enforce departmental mandates including accountabilities, roles and responsibilities
  • identify key roles and responsibilities around data leadership
  • understand ethical and secure use of data
  • assess the current state of data literacy, skills and competencies
  • establish good hiring practices
  • review and update data training and development strategies
  • understand departmental policy frameworks and how they affect the group / line of business
  • assess infrastructure needs
  • help foster innovation through pilot projects
  • develop a data quality framework
Category: Data Strategy and Governance
Tags: Data Governance,Instructor Led
Product Code: DC-1
Course Duration (hours): 4

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