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Programming BootCamp: From Novice to Next Steps

This two-week bootcamp will take you from not knowing anything about computer programming (a ‘Noob’ in the programming world) to starting to self-learn with confidence. The first week will focus on an overview of programming practices and strategies, along with a discussion of other computer concepts relevant to programming: types of programming languages and programmers, programming best practices, programming theory and practice, operating systems and file systems, internet and cloud protocols. There will be hands-on exercises in the first week, but they will not require participants to write code from scratch. The second week will be a series of labs where participants learn to write a series of simple programs using both Python (as an example of a general programming language) and R (as an example of a specialty programming language, focusing on data manipulation, analysis and visualization), culminating in a cap-stone simple web-app project.

Category: Practical Data Analysis
Product Code: AI-6
Course Duration (hours): 40

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