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Data Visualization for Analysis

Data visualizations can be used for reporting endeavours in a variety of manners, but they can also be used to explore data and set the stage for more in-depth analysis, and for insight extraction. In this module, participants will

  • Learn about the different roles of data visualization in the data analysis process.
  • Increase their understanding of how to represent simultaneously multiple dimensions.
  • Learn some of the strategies and considerations used to create good post-analysis visualizations.
  • Learn the difference between a visualization and an infographic.
  • Improve their judgment about the quality of data visualizations.

In particular, participants will study the use of data visualizations for

  • Detecting anomalous and invalid entries
  • Shaping data transformations
  • Getting a sense for the data
  • Identifying hidden data structure

They will also study the fundamental principles of analytical design and learn how to recognize their application in a number of case studies, Finally, they will study the grammar of graphics.

Category: Data Visualization
Tags: Instructor Led,Data Visualization,Data Analysis Basics
Product Code: DV-6
Course Duration (hours): 8

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