A Data Strategy Roadmap for the Federal Public Service

So this is just a quick post to share the Report to the Clerk of the Privy Council: A Data Strategy Roadmap for the Federal Public Service which can be found at the following URL:


You have likely read the report but to summarize the key findings are:

  1. By September 2019, all departments, agencies or portfolios have a data strategy in place appropriate to their line of business.
  2. Provide greater clarity on who is in charge of data within individual organizations and for the government as a whole.
  3. Improve and develop overall standards and guidelines that govern how departments access, collect, use, safeguard and share data, and a clear process for developing and refining these over time.
  4. Clarify the governance around data to ensure that the Government of Canada manages valuable data assets for the public good.
  5. Improve recruitment and professional development practices to ensure that we have the skilled people we need to do data work in a digital environment.
  6. Ensure we have the right information technology (IT) environment that allows skilled professionals to use the disruptive technologies that will support the ambitious agenda outlined in this report.

The implications for the GOC of the report are far reaching and I think will prompt us to have one of our lab sessions on the implications to agencies and departments, potentially focusing on a specific element like the data strategy identified in point 1 above. More thoughts to come on that when we do a follow up post on some of the more critical elements of the report.