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Patrick Boily, Data Action Lab & Idlewyld Analytics
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Stephen Davies, Data Action Lab & the DAVHILL Group
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Data Visualization: Monday-Thursday, 10:00-12:15
Power BI: Monday-Thursday, 12:45-15:00
Data Viz and Power BI Lab: Friday 10:00-12:15, 12:45-15:00
Data Visualization Course Materials Power BI Course Materials
Slide Decks:
Learning Objectives
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
R and R Studio (optional):
R Studio download link and support documentation
R download link and support documentationSupplementary Materials:
Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design
A ggplot2 Primer
Learning Map – Data Visualization
Simple Data Visualization in R
Data Visualization with ggplot2
More Data Visualization Stuff in RDAL Podcast (11 videos, more to come) +
Exploring the Algae Blooms Dataset with ggplot2 (bonus)
Creating a Gapminder-Type Chart with ggplot2 (bonus)
Slide Decks:
Introduction to Power BI
Power BI Beyond the BasicsPower BI Dashboards (zipped files) and Sample Data:
Introduction to Power BI R1.pbix
Power BI Beyond the Basics Student Copy.pbix
Colour Cross-Reference
PSPC Acquisition Land Buildings Works 2016 R1
List of Govt Departments and NumbersPower BI:
Download link and support documentationSupplementary Materials:
Dashboards and Data Visualization, with Examples