Instructors Schedule
Jen Schellinck, Data Action Lab & Sysabee
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Patrick Boily, Data Action Lab & Idlewyld Analytics
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Stephen Davies, Data Action Lab & the DAVHILL Group
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    613 862-9086

Introduction, Pre-Analysis, Analysis (BI,ML-1):
    Tuesday Nov. 2nd, 8:45-12:00 EST
Analysis (ML-2, Statistics):
    Friday Nov. 5th, 13:00-16:00 EST

Slides and Course Materials Supplementary Materials
Slide Decks:
    Slide Deck 1
    Slide Deck 2A
    Slide Deck 2B
    Slide Deck 3
    Slide Deck 4A
    Slide Deck 4B
R and R Studio (optional):
    R Studio download link and support documentation
    R download link and support documentation

    Sample R Text Mining Code

Supplementary Materials:
    Data Action Lab Data Science Report Series
    A ggplot2 Primer
    DAL Podcast (17 videos, more to come; running time: 09:07:40)