This 16-hour course will take participants from basic principles and concepts behind data visualization through best practices for R/ggplot2/Power BI.

Instructors Schedule
Patrick Boily, Data Action Lab & Idlewyld Analytics
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       Follow @idlewyld_IACS on Twitter (#iqc4376) for DV content

Stephen Davies, Data Action Lab & the DAVHILL Group
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      613 862-9086

Jen Schellinck, Data Action Lab & Sysabee
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All sessions from 13:00 to 15:00 EST.

Data Visualization Concepts: Oct 26, Oct 29, Nov 02
       Visualization and Exploration
       Storytelling with Data
       Fundamental Principles
       Gestalt Principles
       Decluttering Charts
       Size, Colour, Position
       Visualization Catalogue
R/ggplot2 for Visualization: Nov 05, Nov 09
       Simple Plots in R
       The Grammar of Graphics and ggplot2
Dashboards and Power BI: Nov 12, Nov 16
       Introduction to Dashboards
       Introduction to Power BI
       Power BI: Beyond the Basics
Power BI and R: Nov 19
       Incoporating R/ggplot2 in Power BI

Data Visualization Course Materials Power BI Course Materials
Outline and Learning Objectives
1. Data Visualization and Data Exploration
2. Storytelling With Data
3. Fundamental Principles of Data Visualization
4. The Gestalt Principles
5. Decluttering
6. Size, Colour, Position
7. Visualisation Catalogue
8. Simple Plots in R
9. The Grammar of Graphics and ggplot2

R and R Studio:
       R Studio download link and support documentation
       R download link and support documentation

Supplementary Materials:
       Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design
       A ggplot2 Primer
       R Basics
       Extra: Accessibility
       Extra: Animated and Interactive Visualizations
       Extra: Basics of Dashboarding
       Extra: Hall-of-Fame/Hall-of-Shame
       Extra: Matching Visualizations
       Extra: More ggplot2 and Lattice Charts
       Simple Data Visualization with R
       Data Visualization with ggplot2
       More Data Visualization Stuff in R

      custdata.tsv file (available from zmPDSwR‘s GitHub repository)

Introduction to Power BI
Power BI: Beyond the Basics
R and Power BI

Power BI Dashboards (zipped files) and Data:
       Receiver General Data – WIP.pbix
       Introduction to Power BI R1.pbix
       Power BI Beyond the Basics Student Copy.pbix
       Colour Cross-Reference
       PSPC Acquisition Land Buildings Works 2016 R1
       List of Govt Departments and Numbers
       Accounting Transactions tcrg-rgat
       Power BI + R Exercise Code

Power BI:
       Download link and support documentation

Supplementary Materials:
       Dashboards and Data Visualization, with Examples