Data Science and Machine Learning

In October 2012, the Harvard Business Review published an article calling data science the “sexiest job of the 21st century”, and comparing data scientists with the ubiquitous Wall Street “quants” of the ’80s and ’90s: a data scientist is a… Read moreData Science and Machine Learning

Data lab – Anomaly Detection

  • February 20, 2019
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This Data Lab will be all about Anomaly detection (AD). Anomaly detection is the discovery of unexpected or interesting events, carried out by analyzing outliers or atypical data points in a dataset. Anomaly detection as an activity piggybacks on a wide variety of underlying machine learning techniques – e.g. classification, clustering and distribution models. This means (more…)

Data Analysis Case Studies

In Data Science and Data Analysis, as in most technical or quantitative fields of inquiry, there is an important distinction between understanding the theoretical underpinnings of the methods and knowing how and when to best apply them to practical situations…. Read moreData Analysis Case Studies