Fall 2021
    Analysis of Age in Tennis Data, D. Baranov
    Data Cleaning Fundamentals – A Case Study from the Wizarding World, D. Fu
    Data Visualization in R, K. Kuehni
    A No-Math Introduction to Statistical Quality Control for Your Business, J. Larock
    Overview of Topic Modeling, L. Mann
    Blockchain Technology: Future or Futile?, B. Mourad
    A Practical Introduction to Performance Measurement and Reporting of Programs, A. Reghigh
    Predictive Analytics in College Basketball, D. Scholefield
    Protein Structure Prediction, B. Sewpal
    The Impact of Climate on Wheat and Barley Yields in Alberta, A.J. Silatchom Nyoumsi III
    The Historical Development Of Big Data, L. Simon
    Comparing Exchange Rate Prediction Models, J. Tsang
Winter 2019
    Boosting with AdaBoost and Gradient Boosting, O. Leduc